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[30 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]

Can innovation be managed ?

Why not ?

Innovation is one of the key factor to be success in business.

Some companies, are either have too little ideas, or too many ideas.

Companies that have run out of idea to improve, may consider harnessing ideas from their employees.

Companies that have too many ideas. may need a structured mechanism to turn idea into innovation that can be implemented and be profitable.

All these activities can now be automated, and implemented with software system.

Whynot Idea Management Software is designed for organization and companies with more than 500 staffs.  It helps to nurture the culture of innovative within the organization, by introducing the fun and gaming element to encourage idea submission. The social media element encourages participation from the staffs to express their support and view from to ideas.

Please visit http://www.origineit.com/whynot/ find out more and it. Why not ?

Idea Management System

Idea Management System


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[26 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]

Some of you may think – software development is very expensive.  This is not totally true.

To build software system with a  limited budget, these tips can be very helpful,

  • know your budget
  • know exactly what you want to develop - you must know all the possible users may use your system, all the screens, screen flow, process flows, and put them in a document for reference
  • scale down the scope of the software to meet your most important objective – there are price to pay for flexibility, expandability, extendability, etc
  • Get your own designer – if you know someone who can do the look & feel design for you for free,  get the design ready.
  • Minimize your changes during the development cycle – as I mentioned, if your budget is limited, you might have to sacrifice flexibility – so a simple change you are requesting, may screw up the entire system. So, think through it before the development started.
  • Google for similar system out there – you might not need to build one from scratch.



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[28 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]

Origineit.com was in dark grey. It has now dressed in white.

We use wordpress as the content management system (CMS), simply because,

  • it is easy to learn and use
  • there are plenty of free themes to download
  • it is quite easy to create your own theme
  • it is coded in php, and uses MySQL as the database
  • SEO ready
  • plenty of plugins to download
  • easy to update, submit new posts or articles.

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[10 May 2011 | No Comment | ]

What is custom software development mean to you, as a buyer ?

  • very expensive ? may be not – it is very much depends on you budget
  • difficult to manage ? probably yes, if you are not an IT company, and you have no budget to hire a good system administrator
  • vendor always ask for more money for a small chances to the system – haha, it really depends on who is the vendor, how the current system was initially designed and developed, and what your change request ?
  • What about develop for future enhancement, like cloud-ready,  multi-platform support, etc ? well, few items to consider : do you know what you are talking about ? Do you have the budget ?
  • Is it advisable use opensource product ? Some customers complain about even if the product is free, the customization cost is very high ... again it depends on which vendor you are working with
  • What about getting a few freelancers to build the software? Its depends if you have the capability to evaluate the freelancers in term of IT skill – such as programming skills, knowledge in database, etc.,  as well as the level of commitment and responsibility to accomplish the project on time and on budget.

When we were asked to development a custom software for customer,