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[10 Mar 2015 | No Comment | ]
  1. you can download the fonts you like from websites like,
    1. http://fontsforweb.com/fontcategories/list
    2. http://www.fontsquirrel.com/
  2. make sure you have read the license agreement and select fonts that are ‘free for commercial use’ if you want to use that font for your clients’ website
  3. unzip the font package and copy the font file (usually in .ttf, .otf extension) into your web application folders. I usually place my fonts inside my css folder, like,
    1. my_app_folder/css/webfonts/
  4. in your css, usually at the beginning of the file, include the font definition, like this :
    1. @font-face {
      font-family: ‘FontBold’;
      src:url(‘webfonts/Myfont-Bold.ttf’) format(‘truetype’);
  5.  after you have defined the font, you can use the font-family like this,
    1. .myclass {  font-family:’FontBold’; }
  6. Please note that if the font file is very big, it might take some time to load the font file onto your browser. I will include a alternative common font after the custom font, so it will still look good even if the custom font file cannot be loaded.
    1. .myclass { font-family:’FontBold’, Arial, helvetica; }

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[10 Mar 2015 | No Comment | ]

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.48.11 AM

  1. download TinyMCE from http://www.tinymce.com/download/download.php
  2. extract the file and copy the folder tinymce/ into your web application folder or any sub folder
  3. include the js file in your html
    • <script type=”text/javascript” src=”scripts/tinymce/tinymce.min.js”></script>
  4. add this line within your <script language=’javascript’></script>
    • tinymce.init({
      selector: “textarea#txt_page_content2″,
      theme: “modern”,
      plugins: [
      "advlist autolink link image lists charmap print preview hr anchor pagebreak spellchecker",
      "searchreplace wordcount visualblocks visualchars code fullscreen insertdatetime media nonbreaking",
      "save table contextmenu directionality template paste textcolor"
      toolbar: “undo redo | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | l ink image | print preview media fullpage | forecolor backcolor | fontsizeselect”,
      theme_advanced_font_sizes: “10px,12px,13px,14px,16px,18px,20px”,
      font_size_style_values: “12px,13px,14px,16px,18px,20px”,
  5. tinymce by default come with a ‘menubar’. To disable the menubar, add menubar:false within ‘init’ function.
  6. to modify the button in the toolbar, modify the ‘toolbar’ value
  7. to add font-size selection,
    1. add fontsizeselect in toolbar,
    2. add theme_advanced_font_size, and font_size_style_value
  8. to modify the skin,
    1. download the skin from the website
    2. unzip the file and copy the skin folder into tinymce/skins/ folder
    3. add ‘skin:”skin_name”‘ in the init function

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[19 Jan 2014 | No Comment | ]



There are plenty of freebies for web designer and web developer. We decided to share the online tools we have been frequently using for our projects.





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[19 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]

You have started a restaurant, so what’s next ? You got to tell people about it – the so called ‘Marketing’ !


Usually, marketing is about telling other people,

  • who are you (or what is your business name) ?   e.g, my restaurant is Lulu Cafe
  • what are you selling or offering ?   e.g., we sell organic coffee from South East Asia countries.
  • where to find you ?  e.g., we are located at Dataran Prima
  • how much do you sell ?  e.g., coffee : RM 5, Fruit Salad RM 7, etc.
  • when are you selling ?   e.g., operation hour : 7 am – 10 pm daily
  • what so good about you and your product ?   e.g., we only use premium bean.

Then you want to find out,

  • how to tell people about you and your product ?  List down 10 marketing channel you can think of, for example,
    • Brochure
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Facebook
    • Radio
    • Business networking group
    • Banner
    • Newspaper
    • Magazine, etc
  • how to attract people to see what you are offering ?  You may try,
    • Giving free food
    • Attractive promotion, e.g., RM 1 for 1st cup of coffee,
    • Tag your customer on facebook, etc
  • how to get people to say good thing about you and your product ?

So what do you do first, and next ?

  • Make sure your food is so good, your family and friends said it is good.
    • it would be nice if you have a mission and vision in mind – e.g., you want to sell healthier food to people, you want to bring in the taste of nepalese food to Malaysia, etc.
  • assuming you are pretty sure what you are offering, the next step is,
    • get a domain name,
    • set up a functional website,
    • put up your food menu and price, location, operation hour, etc,
    • set up a Facebook page, and link your website to facebook page, and link your website on facebook.
    • add your restaurant in google place
    • get your restaurant listed in
    • you may advertise on group-buying website’s to attract new customers.
    • spend some money on Facebook advertisement
    • spend some money on Google Adwords advertisement
    • invite at least 5 food bloggers to dine in your restaurant, and write about you and your food. You may try,
    • provide online reservation service for your client to book a table
    • Attractive promotion & Discount ! Give your customers discount voucher ! Make it big – says, 50% ! Make it fun ! But Keep it simple !

Now, you may ask – if you have already done well via Facebook marketing, why do you still need a website ?

The analogy is, it is comfortable to live in a hotel, however, you would prefer to stay in your own home, right ? A website, is like a home, for your business, in the internet world.

You may ask again – do you need a mobile app ?
I would say – let’s get your website work for you first.

Here’s are some interesting websites out there, for your reference.

Contact us now for a free consultation.


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[15 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]

We can’t avoid problems in life, but we can choose how we deal with them.

If we look at it constructively, problem may turn into great idea. Idea, given a deeper thought, and action, it turns into innovation. With a sustainable model, innovation turns into great business, and for great business to succeed, perseverance shall be part of the formula.

One of my biggest personal challenge – I want to solve all the problems I have encountered, or I have heard, but I know I only have so much time in a day, so I decided to list them down, rightfully someone will pick it up, take it further. The ideas may not unique or super brilliant, or probably someone have done that, however there must be a reason the problem not solved.





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[14 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]

Since started, we are grateful to have the opportunities to serve these companies,



We also help companies and organizations to create their online present, and ensure their message to visitors is clearly delivered.

Most of our websites we handled are developed with WordPress as the content management system. Our expertise and experience in software development allow our clients to extend the functionality of the website.


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[3 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]

Content Management System, usually referred as CMS, is the framework/platform/application that make website update much easier.

Builtwith.com has a wonderful chart that shows the statistic of CMS used in the online world.

Here’s the chart screen-captured on 3th Oct, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.49.57 AM

You may find the most updated statistic @ http://trends.builtwith.com/cms

CMS Usage

This website, http://cmsusage.com/, seems to have a better statistic.

According to the website :

Gathered from over 121,455,241 websites, the following statistics will give you an understanding of the popularity of various CMS, blogging, eCommerce & forum platforms as well as a number of web technologies:

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 12.03.57 PM




According to W3Techs, http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_management/all

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 12.08.02 PM

Apparently, WordPress is now the most popular Content Management System. However, the 2nd and 3rd most popular CMS are unclear, they are either Joomla, Drupal, and TYPO3.

My personal preference is wordpress.


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[2 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]

In business, marketing is about telling people

  • what are you selling,
  • who do you sell to,
  • what so great about your products,
  • where to find and buy your products,
  • what date or time they can get your products,
  • How much to pay for your products.

marketing strategy is about answering the questions above, and find ways to share your answers,

marketing plan is about answering the questions above in greater details, with action items, within a framed timeline and investment, and measure the result.



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[2 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]

There are several reasons you don’t really need a website for your business :

  • Your business is too good, and your current marketing channels are good enough to provide you the amount of business you need or want. * I certainly support that, life is more than selling more, or making more money. 
  • Your are closing down, and you don’t need to tell everyone about it, including your customers. * Closing down is not the end of the world, maybe it is too late to start a blog or website for your new ventures.
  • You prefer to stick under the brand of Googles+ or Facebook instead of your own brand identity. *Some businesses’ goal is solely about making money, rather than delivering values. Online branding, is a long term thing. Think about it, which email do you trust ? name@companyname.com, or companyname@hotmail.com ?  
  • You prefer to advertise on newspapers and TV *You are right. Some products’ may have their preferred and effective marketing channel. TV and newspapers are both traditional yet one of the most effective marketing channels, that’s why they cost a lot.
  • You think your customers will not own a computer or a mobile phone, or will never use internet (or have no access to internet) * Think about it again, you could be wrong.
  • You don’t access internet, and you don’t believe the internet is changing our life *It is true, in certain parts of the world. 
  • You are conducting businesses that you don’t want too many people to know about it. * if you are the one selling electronic gadgets to government at price 700% higher than the market price,  you probably don’t want anyone to find you except your contact in government.