Mobile Translator

I travel to Bangkok quite often. One of the challenge I face is language barrier.

Most of the Thai citizen, even in the bank, and government agencies, speak good Thai language, but not English. Most of the written notices, official documents, are in Thai as well.

I have been trying to learn Thai language, but it will probably take me a few more years to master the language. I really wish I could point to the words and sentences in Thai, and got it translated immediately into the language I am best in.

I search from the internet, App Store, Play Store, and the closer I got is Google Translate, unfortunately it can’t give me the translation instantly, and further more, it is not as user friendly as I wish.

Rightfully, with our R & D in Open CV, we could develop a better translator, using pattern recognition method.

It shall allow the users to take a snap of the sentence and word in Thai, enter the meaning, and upload to our dictionary. When someone like me, found any strange words or sentences while traveling in Thailand, I could point my smart phone to the words or sentences, and the meaning in English shows up at the bottom of the words in Thai. When I move the smartphone along with the sentence, the meaning of each word detected will show up respectively.