Online Marketing for Restaurants

You have started a restaurant, so what’s next ? You got to tell people about it – the so called ‘Marketing’ !


Usually, marketing is about telling other people,

  • who are you (or what is your business name) ?   e.g, my restaurant is Lulu Cafe
  • what are you selling or offering ?   e.g., we sell organic coffee from South East Asia countries.
  • where to find you ?  e.g., we are located at Dataran Prima
  • how much do you sell ?  e.g., coffee : RM 5, Fruit Salad RM 7, etc.
  • when are you selling ?   e.g., operation hour : 7 am – 10 pm daily
  • what so good about you and your product ?   e.g., we only use premium bean.

Then you want to find out,

  • how to tell people about you and your product ?  List down 10 marketing channel you can think of, for example,
    • Brochure
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Facebook
    • Radio
    • Business networking group
    • Banner
    • Newspaper
    • Magazine, etc
  • how to attract people to see what you are offering ?  You may try,
    • Giving free food
    • Attractive promotion, e.g., RM 1 for 1st cup of coffee,
    • Tag your customer on facebook, etc
  • how to get people to say good thing about you and your product ?

So what do you do first, and next ?

  • Make sure your food is so good, your family and friends said it is good.
    • it would be nice if you have a mission and vision in mind – e.g., you want to sell healthier food to people, you want to bring in the taste of nepalese food to Malaysia, etc.
  • assuming you are pretty sure what you are offering, the next step is,
    • get a domain name,
    • set up a functional website,
    • put up your food menu and price, location, operation hour, etc,
    • set up a Facebook page, and link your website to facebook page, and link your website on facebook.
    • add your restaurant in google place
    • get your restaurant listed in
    • you may advertise on group-buying website’s to attract new customers.
    • spend some money on Facebook advertisement
    • spend some money on Google Adwords advertisement
    • invite at least 5 food bloggers to dine in your restaurant, and write about you and your food. You may try,
    • provide online reservation service for your client to book a table
    • Attractive promotion & Discount ! Give your customers discount voucher ! Make it big – says, 50% ! Make it fun ! But Keep it simple !

Now, you may ask – if you have already done well via Facebook marketing, why do you still need a website ?

The analogy is, it is comfortable to live in a hotel, however, you would prefer to stay in your own home, right ? A website, is like a home, for your business, in the internet world.

You may ask again – do you need a mobile app ?
I would say – let’s get your website work for you first.

Here’s are some interesting websites out there, for your reference.

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