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OBOSS, The Next Generation Web Application Workspace 

  • OBOSS changes the way working with web application.
  • No more multi-level top and left menus
  • No more limiting your web application view within the size of your monitor screen.
  • It give you a desktop-like workspace with simple user interface design.
  • You can personalize your workspace with your favourite color theme and wallpaper.
  • You can add as many workspace as you need
  • You can put your most-frequent-use icon or modules on your workspace.

Our objective is simple – we just want to maximize your productivity at work.

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Personalized Workspace

Users can change tab name, UI scheme, background color and wallpaper to make their work day highly productive.


Multi-tabbed Support

Multi-tabbed allow users to organize their workspace, by putting all the relavant modules on the same workspace. For example, you can add a tab for news headline update, so at one glance, you know what happening around the world. On the other hand, you can place your productivity modules such as task, calendar on another tab.

Clean and Simple UI

All the functional modules or mini apps are designed to be simple and straight forward so that our users start being productive on day one using the our portal. We use colors and icons to make the user interface more interesting.