Origine IT started in year 2005.

We believe information technology is there to make a better world – it shall improve effieciency, increase productivity, encourage knowledge sharing and connect people.

However, due to technology limitation during the earlier day and excitment towards this growing industry, we were trying to be innovative and created a lot of procedures and processes to make things work. These procedures and processes may seems unapplicable anymore today.

Our mission is to help our customers to identify the ultimate objective of having a software system, we then share with our customers how we plan to do it within customers’ resource allocation.

We certainly don’t break the good and practical rules – we emphasize on software development best practice, and do our best to maintain high quality of deliverables.

Our Experience

We started by providing software support services to corporates that are involved in telecommunication industry.

We have in total of more than 50 man-years of experience in software development full cycle.

We have experience in developing software system that run in Unix, Windows as well as Windows Mobile platform.

We want to bring a brand new ideas and our culture into telecommunication industry, specifically in OSS (operation support system) and BSS (business support system) support & development.

Our Visions are,

1. wherever there is telecommunication service operator, there will find our footprint – our software, our service, and our people


2. When people talk about fun, lively, caring, and inspiring workplace in Asia, they are talking about Origine IT


wait a minute …

In 2013, we decided to channel our expertise to improve life, and make the world a happier place to live, using technology. We want to make sure, every line of code we write is meaningful to someone.