Mobile technology

  • when business is concern, it enable us to make business and operational decision, meeting, negotiating, selling and closing almost anytime, anywhere – provided we are connected and our mobile device are fully powered … so the killing point is – connection, device, and power. Can we do away with all these ?


  • Innovation turns step 12345 into 123, and not 1abc234fgz.


  • If you know how to write program, be grateful that the future is yours ! You will be having the power to talk to computers, and instruct computers to work for you !  By having this skill, you are a step further towards changing the world ! …


  • A lot of local programmers thought they have to advance to manager role to get an increment in their salary, even thought they don’t like to be a manager – In Origine IT, we respect programmers. As a programmer, you can be in that role as long as you want,  and your KPI is adding value to yourself by learning new technical skills.