Support & Maintenance


Machines do not always work as expected. It’s applies to software system as well. Machines need maintenance. Same goes to software system. Most of the time we overlook software system maintenance due to lack of IT personnel in the organization, or the cost to set up an IT department is just too high.

After many sunrise and sunset, the system is running slower, and slower, and begin to crash once a while, and getting more and more frequent …

Software vendor suppose to take care of our system, but when the system is obsolete, the vendor might not support it anymore. Sometime, they just don’t show up.

Well, if you encounter any issue with your system, give us a try to look at your system. We might be able to help. We never claim we know everything, but who know, the problem might fall within our expert area …


You probably have computerized part or all of your business processes. Rightfully, the software vendor have capture your requirement correctly, and have delivered what they have promised. In case they did not, or in case you need to implement new changes to the system, if the vendor could not help much, please contact us. Again, we might be able to help.