Photos, Cliparts & Icons


Color combination make a different ! Here are some of the online tools that could be useful to you as a web designer.


Using the right fonts make the website more reader-friendly. If you are boring with the typical fonts used, try something new ! You can now use true-type-font for website, by adding a link in CSS that link to the font’s ttf file.

Sometime we need font to design logo or illustration for the post, the links provided showcase a number of well-categorized fonts on their website. Please make sure you use the fonts appropriately.

Free Website

Oh No ! These sites are killing our business  !!!  Maybe not (yet). However, the good thing is – it make website development so simple and straightforward – you can even build an e-commerce site solely from some these free websites. So we are retiring soon ?  Haha, we focus very much on application development – if our clients need more than just a website, that’s where we can help.

Website Prototype

In website and web application development, we usually asked to build a working prototype for clients to visualize the ‘look and feel’ of the website. Thankfully there are some online tools that provide you a drag-and-drop way to build either a plain wired-frame or full colored prototype.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is our first choice of content management system to build a website or simple web application.

Design Ideas

Mobile App Prototype