– manage your service appointment effectively is designed with one mission – help our customers to schedule their service appointments effectively – by sending the right staffs, with the right skills, to serve their customers right.

Very often, service-based business entities are loosing their customers due to reason such as,

  • overlook appointment with customers – when business are too good, it might be too tedious to manage all the appointments using excel spreadsheet.
  • Sending the wrong staffs to your customers – customer may have preference on staffs assigned to service them, especially cleaning services, massage and facial treatment, etc. Customer would prefer to have someone they are familiar with. However, things get chaotic when there is no trace or remarks on customer preference.
  • double booking
  • wrong skill set – it is not easy to know all your staffs strength and skill set. Imaging the pain of customers when they got a maid that don’t speak their language at all.

That are some of the reasons is born.

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