Why do I need a website for my business ?

There are several reasons you don’t really need a website for your business :

  • Your business is too good, and your current marketing channels are good enough to provide you the amount of business you need or want. * I certainly support that, life is more than selling more, or making more money. 
  • Your are closing down, and you don’t need to tell everyone about it, including your customers. * Closing down is not the end of the world, maybe it is too late to start a blog or website for your new ventures.
  • You prefer to stick under the brand of Googles+ or Facebook instead of your own brand identity. *Some businesses’ goal is solely about making money, rather than delivering values. Online branding, is a long term thing. Think about it, which email do you trust ? name@companyname.com, or companyname@hotmail.com ?  
  • You prefer to advertise on newspapers and TV *You are right. Some products’ may have their preferred and effective marketing channel. TV and newspapers are both traditional yet one of the most effective marketing channels, that’s why they cost a lot.
  • You think your customers will not own a computer or a mobile phone, or will never use internet (or have no access to internet) * Think about it again, you could be wrong.
  • You don’t access internet, and you don’t believe the internet is changing our life *It is true, in certain parts of the world. 
  • You are conducting businesses that you don’t want too many people to know about it. * if you are the one selling electronic gadgets to government at price 700% higher than the market price,  you probably don’t want anyone to find you except your contact in government.