Mission使命 CH/EN

  • We are determine to make the world a better place to live with our skills in information technology
  • 用我们熟悉的电脑编程知识创造好产品,让世界更美好
  • We automate our clients' business process and simplify their daily work
  • 简化和自动化我们的客户的作业程序
  • We want to focus in tackling environmental problem, help the elderly community to live better, we believe computing and information technology have part of the solution
  • 专注在解决目前较棘手的问题如环境保护,人口老化等等,我们相信电脑和资讯科技是解决问题的其中一个块板

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


  • Our vision is to build software and mobile applications that are relevant to life improvement, saving time, get organized, and make milion souls on earth to live happily
  • 我们的愿景是可以服务全球的客户,长期推出手机或网络App来改善地球全人类的生活品质,工作更有效率


  • Original Intention
    Always remind ourselves why we started this organization and where we are heading to
  • Relationship
    We value good relationship with our client, users, family members, friends and the nature
  • Integrity
    Honest and trustworthy in all we do
  • Good Citizen
    We agreed with Richard Branson - "Have fun, do good, and money will come"
  • Innovation
    Creative in user experience, simple and solve the problem
  • Nature
    Go paperless and be nice to nature
  • Excellance At Work
    Always do better than our best
  • Information Technology
    using and sharing scientific / technical knowledge to change the world
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