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Software Development

We solve your problem with programming. We turn your vision into reality, with programming. We automate your business operation, with programming.

We will tell what is best for you, and for your users. 

Project Management

Project Management, is about getting things done with the resources available – people, time, and funding. 

It’s not just about gantt chart, timeline, and scrumb. Effective communication counts. 

Programming Languages

We don’t speak all languages.

We can code in C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, SQL, React Native, Swift … maybe a bit of Java.

Application Platform

We build web and mobile application. We build Windows application, console application and background services.

We make machine talk to machine, process talk to process. 


Case Management System 个案管理系统


Project Manager

One of challenge in managing an IT project is communication between users and the development team. 

Project Manager helps you to keep track of all communication in all phases of development cycle, from requirement studies, testing, deployment, change request, and issue log.