Software Development

We understand the need to computerize or automate your business operation process in order to,
  • systemize your operation for scalability,
  • improve the efficiency of your operation, and maximize your resources
  • visualize the business from broad and deep views, to make right decision
In case you could not find any off-the-shelf software system that meet your business requirements, and ready to invest a toilor-made software solution so that you have flexibility to express your creative ideas. We are here to help you to,
  1. Validate the need for customize software,
  2. Listen to your current processes and pain points, and your expected outcome
  3. Identify the high level process, the key users, and the outcome after implementation,
  4. Identify the intrastructure and technical requirements,
  5. Work out a project plan and costing to implement the system,
  6. Upon consensus on the project plan, we will kick start the project after we have received the Purchase Order from your end,
  7. We will meet regularly to share the progress of the implementation, and ensure the functionalities meet your expectation
  8. Once the system is ready to go live, we will invite your user to perform a User Acceptance Test to test-drive the App and revised process
  9. Once we have passed the User Acceptance Test, We will deploy the system and go live
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Past Experience

  • Telecom Billing System (HP unix / C++ / Oracle)
  • RFID Asset Tracking System
  • Vendor Registration System
  • Vehicle Management System (Web App /, C# / MSSQL)
  • IOS Insurance Quotation App ( IOS Mobile App / Objective-C)
  • Loyalty App (Web + Mobile App / Php / MySQL / React-native)
  • Online Parts Ordering System ( Web App /, C# / MSSQL)
  • Finance Reporting Automation ( Windows App / C# / Excel & MSSQL)
  • Case Management System ( Web App / php / MySQL)
  • CRM ( Web App / php / MySQL)
  • Award Submission & Judging System (Web App / php / MySQL)

Area of Expertise

We build web, mobile, Windows, and console application.
We can code in, C#, C++/C, Php, HTML5, React-native, Objective-C, Swift, etc.
Our application integrate with databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access and Excel